Sports Vision Training

What is Sport Vision Training?

Sports Vision therapy or training, is a special optometric field that aims to maximize athletic performance. It may achieve this through improving functions such as hand-eye coordination, reaction time, peripheral awareness, object tracking, motor planning, decision making and processing speed.

Optometrists often combine vision therapy techniques with exercises designed to meet the specific needs of athletes. After training, visual systems and mental processing have been optimized and the athlete can execute more precisely while playing the game as though it were slowed down - so they can see and react to changes more quickly and accurately.



What we offer at Lidkea Optometry:

Current Assessments Available:

  • Binocular Vision Assessment
  • Perceptual & Functional Testing 
  • A Complete Visual Assessment 

Vision Therapy Treatment Options:

  • 25min session
  • 50min session
  • 10 week program (50min sessions)
  • 10 week program (25min sessions)
  • 8 week Syntonics program



Check out this video on Reaction Light Training
Dr. Lidkea has this therapy tool set up in our clinic.