Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy: What is it?

Vision Therapy is when we help our patients improve their fundamental visual skills through an engaging, and positive learning environment. Our custom programs start with an evaluation of your visual performance using computerized testing that lets us (and you) know exactly where you stand.  

Accommodative Problems:

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The eye has the built in ability to change focus depending on the distance of an object. The muscles must flex when looking up close and relax when looking in the distance. Sometimes the muscles involved do not work correctly this can cause the words to be continually blurry, go in and out of focus from time to time or be blurred for a few seconds and then clear after changing focus distance.

Vergence Problems:

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Eyes must remain coordinated to move towards one another when looking up close and move further apart when looking in the distance. If this system develops incorrectly words can become jumbled, slide into one another or split into two.

Laterality and Form Perception Problems:

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Otherwise known as letter Inversions. Eye coordination problems or trauma can lead to difficulties in interpreting what the eye is seeing. Letters can appear to be the wrong direction or jumbled while reading. Words can appear to have letters in the wrong spot or out of order. Entire sentences can stop making sense or be skipped.

Visual Processing Dysfunction:

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Letters can also appear as unrecognizable symbols. The brain no longer has the ability to understand the interaction between letters and how they form into words. Understanding how one word connects to the other and how the flow of information connects can become difficult and require intense concentration.


A great video explaining more about Vision Therapy


We set measurable goals and monitor development throughout therapy. We have designed both at-home and in-office therapy plans for individuals to excel and reap the most benefits from their sessions. We aim to provide families with the flexibility to choose a program that fits their lifestyle.



What we offer at Lidkea Optometry:

Current Assessments Available:
  • Binocular Vision Assessment
  • Perceptual & Functional Testing 
  • A Complete Visual Assessment 
Vision Therapy Treatment Options:
  • 25min session
  • 50min session
  • 10 week program (50min sessions)
  • 10 week program (25min sessions)
  • 8 week Syntonics program

Check this video out! It explains more about RightEye testing which you have access to in our clinic: